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25 Years of experience in Snap ring, Circlip Industries. we leverage the synergies of technology, deep industrial knowledge, practiced excellence and skilled resources to bring to you a high-performance, durable product with exceptional finishing.

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CIRCLIP ASIA Applications

At Circlip Industries we are all about the use Application in Engineering and we have a range of Circlips products for several industrial applications out there. We have experience of over 15 years in this industry and have studied most of the industrial applications to its Core and have identified the right CIRCLIPS products for them that will not only offer a cost effective solution but are also more efficient.

Industrial Applications that CIRCLIP ASIA Supply...

WIND POWER Industries

We supply Circlips and other parts use in geared motors and small helical geared motors in Wind Power Energy. We supply cieclips, studs and other machine parts as well.

Ginning Machinery Manufacturers

We have helical geared motors and worm geared motors for Ginning machinery manufacturers. We also supply double reduction Circlipsfor lower RPM needs.

Chemical Industries

We supply stirrer worm gearboxes, stirrer planetary Circlipsand stirrer helical Circlipsfor chemical industries. We also supply high efficiency planetary and helical gears for blenders.

Ceramic Industries and Ceramic Machineries

We supply helical geared motors, conveyor gearboxes, hopper Circlips and Ball mill helical Circlips for Ceramic factories.

Paper Machinery Manufacturers and Paper Industries

We offer parallel shaft helical gearboxes, bevel Circlips and worm Circlips for paper machinery for mills of type silent drives, line shaft and individual drives.

Cement Machinery Manufacturers

We supply large industrial helical Circlips for Cement ball mills and helical Circlips with hold back for cement conveyors.

Soap Machinery and Industries

Stockist of worm Circlips and helical Circlips for soap making machinery including soap mixers, blenders and cake plants.

Textile Industries

We supply worm Circlips and helical geared motors for textile industries. We also supply worm geared motors for conveyors in textile applications.

Plastic Industries

We supply extruder Circlips for plastic, Circlips for rotational moulding, Circlips for lamination, Circlips for strap line, Circlips for PVC pipes manufacturing and more.

Rolling Mill Applications

We supply Pinion stand Circlips for Rolling mills as well as supply worm and helical geared motors for cooling bed and packing bed applications.

Water Treatment Plants

Distributors of worm Circlips for water treatment plants stirring application as well as conveyor applications.

Wood Machinery Manufacturers

Stockist of worm Circlips and helical gear heads for wood working machinery.

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Best Design

Our CAD-Systems we are able to design and manufacture together with you almost any ring fit for your individual application.


our circlips has maintain high tempreture, Apart from our great variety of standardized products we also offer, on request, a large number of customer specific items.


We design and manufacuring both INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Circlips. we invests substantially in Research and Development in order to serve its customers in the best possible way.


Circlips Installation is very easy in machinery without consuming time.



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